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Kafr Lab
كفر لاب

Kafr Lab (كفر لاب) is a minor yet charming Byzantine-era site hidden between olive groves in the region of Jebel Samaan (جبل سمعان), northwest of Aleppo (حلب). The settlement includes a small church, which remains very well preserved and is rich in decorative stonework. Other remains are in a far worse state of preservation, but the site is still worth exploring. It is located about …


The friendly Kurdish village of Basufan (باصوفان) contains sparse remains from the Byzantine period of what was one of the largest churches in the region of Jebel Samaan (جبل سمعان). The Church of Saint Phocas was dated to 491-492 and is a columned basilica similar in style to the martyrium of Qalaat Samaan (قلعة سمعان). The design included columns with Corinthian capitals and spiral fluting, …


Banastur (بنستور) is a Byzantine-era site on the eastern edge of Jebel Samaan (جبل سمعان). This small settlement has only a few structures, the most noteworthy of which is a tower that survives in a fairly good state of preservation. Archaeologist Howard Crosby Butler speculated that the tower was actually a residential building, rather than one of the monastic retreats that were so common to …