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Bosra (بصری) is one of Syria’s most incredible historic sites and should be considered a must for any visitor. Perhaps more than any place in Syria, Bosra (بصری) provides major historic monuments from multiple periods of Syria’s history. Fascinating Roman and Byzantine ruins combine with incredible early Islamic architecture to create one of the most unique sites in the world.   Getting There: Bosra (بصری) is very easy …


Izraa (إزرع) is a mixed Christian and Muslim town between Damascus (دمشق) and Daraa (درعا) with two of the oldest churches in Syria. There are other old stones all throughout the town, but they’ve been recycled so many times it is difficult to make much sense of their origins. Between the two churches is something of an archaeological graveyard, with bits of Roman and Byzantine masonry scattered about …


Daraa (درعا) is the capital and largest city of a province of the same name. Located in the far south of Syria, it is an important border town and economic hub for the region. While most travelers simply transit through here on their way to somewhere else – mostly Damascus (دمشق), Bosra (بصری) or Jordan – the city does offer some interesting historic sites to explore. It also …


The small Roman temple in al-Sanamein (الصنمين) makes for an easy half-day excursion from Damascus. The temple, built with the black basalt typical of the region, is relatively well preserved. According to the Ministry of Tourism, it dates from the late 2nd century. The temple is in the west end of the town, tucked away behind a mosque. The temple appears to be permanently locked, with the …


Jamrein (جمرين) is a small village located about three kilometers north of Bosra (بصری). The village contains two monuments of interest from the Roman period: a small Roman palace and, a few hundred meters to the north, a Roman bridge. The palace, while lacking decoration, is very well preserved. The bridge is partially collapsed, but in otherwise good condition.   Getting There: To get to Jamrein …

Tel Shahab
تل شهاب

Tel Shahab (تل شهاب) is a village and archaeological site just a few hundred meters away from the Jordanian border to the northwest of Daraa (درعا). Most interesting are the Roman-era watermills situated in a scenic valley below the village. There is a waterfall descending into the valley, and the area is worth visiting for the beautiful scenery alone, particularly in the spring.   Getting …