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al-Rasafeh (الرصافة)

al-Rasafeh الرصافة

The ruined Byzantine city of Sergiopolis, known today as al-Rasafeh (الرصافة), is one of the most spectacular historic sites in eastern Syria and …

Deir al-Salib (دير الصليب)

Deir al-Salib دير الصليب

The remains of two Byzantine churches are located on opposite ends of this small Alawite village near Masyaf (مصياف). The western church, …

al-Andarin (الاندرين)

al-Andarin الاندرين

The remote Byzantine site of al-Andarin (الاندرين) is spread over a vast area at the edges of the semi-desert, about twenty-five kilometers …

Qalaat Samaan (قلعة سمعان)

Qalaat Samaan قلعة سمعان

The most impressive archaeological site in the countryside of Aleppo (حلب) is the remarkable Byzantine religious complex known today as Qalaat Samaan …

al-Nabi Houri/Cyrrhus (النبي هوري)

al-Nabi Houri النبي هوري

Perhaps the most expansive of the Roman and Byzantine sites in the countryside of Aleppo (حلب) are the remains located at al-Nabi …

Meskaneh (مسكنة)

Meskaneh مسكنة

Just outside the modern town of Meskaneh (مسكنة), on the shore of Lake Assad, are the remnants of the Bronze Age city …