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Ithriya (اثريا)

Ithriya اثريا

The small desert village of Ithriya (اثريا) was once the site of the ancient Roman settlement of Seriana. Remains of its beautiful third …

Ain Dara (عين دارة)

Ain Dara عين دارة

The fascinating temple of Ain Dara (عين دارة), located northwest of Aleppo (حلب) near the Kurdish town of Afrin (عفرين), is an …

Baqirha (باقرحا)

Baqirha باقرحا

Baqirha (باقرحا), situated on the northern edge of Jebel Barisha (جبل باريشا) and overlooking the Plain of Amuq (to the east of Antioch), …

Jebel Sarir (جبل سرير)

Jebel Sarir جبل سرير

At the peak of Jebel Sarir (جبل سرير) can be found the remains of a Roman temple dedicated to Zeus, built during the …

Amrit (عمريت)

Amrit عمريت

Amrit (عمريت) was a Phoenician religious center, and in terms of the visible remains it is arguably the most impressive Phoenician site in …