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Qalaat al-Khawabi (قلعة الخوابي)

Qalaat al-Khawabi قلعة الخوابي

Qalaat al-Khawabi (قلعة الخوابي) is an impressive Ismaili castle located over the village of the same name. It has been largely modified over centuries …

Qalaat al-Arimeh (قلعة العريمة)

Qalaat al-Arimeh قلعة العريمة

Qalaat al-Arimeh (قلعة العريمة) is a large Crusader castle located near the village of al-Safsafeh (الصفصافة) to the southeast of Tartus (طرطوس). The remains are …

Deir Mar Elias (دير مار الياس)

Deir Mar Elias دير مار الياس

Deir Mar Elias (دير مار الياس) is a small monastery complex to the southeast of Tartus (طرطوس), located near the village of al-Safsafeh (الصفصافة). …

al-Qadmous (القدموس)

al-Qadmous القدموس

al-Qadmous (القدموس) is a mixed Alawite and Ismaili mountain village located roughly halfway between Banias (بانياس) and Masyaf (مصياف). Little remains of …