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Qalaat al-Khawabi
قلعة الخوابي

Qalaat al-Khawabi (قلعة الخوابي) is an impressive Ismaili castle located over the village of the same name. It has been largely modified over centuries of occupation by local villagers and the original layout of the castle is somewhat difficult to distinguish, but a visit is still worthwhile. Interestingly, Qalaat al-Khawabi (قلعة الخوابي) is one of the few Sunni Muslim villages in the area in a region that is predominantly Christian and …

Qalaat al-Arimeh
قلعة العريمة

Qalaat al-Arimeh (قلعة العريمة) is a large Crusader castle located near the village of al-Safsafeh (الصفصافة) to the southeast of Tartus (طرطوس). The remains are in a fairly poor state of preservation, and largely overrun with vegetation, but several towers survive and the site is a popular picnic spot with locals. Qalaat al-Arimeh (قلعة العريمة) is worth a visit if only to admire the scale of the defenses and …

Deir Mar Elias
دير مار الياس

Deir Mar Elias (دير مار الياس) is a small monastery complex to the southeast of Tartus (طرطوس), located near the village of al-Safsafeh (الصفصافة). If visiting the nearby Crusader castle Qalaat al-Arimeh (قلعة العريمة), it is worth stopping by and visiting the old church located here.   Getting There: Microbuses to the nearby village of al-Safsafeh (الصفصافة) depart from the main bus station in Tartus (طرطوس). Be aware that in the morning it …

Qalaat al-Ileiqeh
قلعة العليقة

Qalaat al-Ileiqeh (قلعة العليقة) was once a significant Ismaeli castle, though little remains today to justify the effort needed to reach it. A few walls and arches survive, as well as portions of a couple towers, but it takes a strong imagination to really appreciate the site. Nonetheless, the location is quite scenic and the views on the road leading to the castle are spectacular. …


al-Qadmous (القدموس) is a mixed Alawite and Ismaili mountain village located roughly halfway between Banias (بانياس) and Masyaf (مصياف). Little remains of the Ismaili stronghold that once dominated the area, the castle’s fortifications have since been destroyed or pillaged for building material. The castle gate is about all you’ll see, though the views of the surrounding countryside are impressive. Within the castle some arches and …