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المدرسة الجقمقية

Damascus – al-Madrasa al-Jaqmaqiyeh
دمشق – المدرسة الجقمقية

al-Madrasa al-Jaqmaqiyeh (المدرسة الجقمقية) is a beautiful Mamluk-era religious school that now houses the Museum of Arabic Calligraphy (متحف الخط العربي). The building was constructed between 1419 and 1421 under the rule of Seif al-Din Jaqmaq al-Arghunshawi (سيف الدين جقمق الأرغونشاوي), then governor of Damascus (دمشق). He would later become the eleventh Mamluk Sultan of Cairo (Egypt), where he ruled from 1438 until 1453. He …