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Damascus – al-Tinabiyeh Mosque
دمشق – جامع التينبية

al-Tinabiyeh Mosque (جامع التينبية) is perhaps the most visually striking of several mosques located in the historic southern neighborhood of al-Midan (الميدان). This mosque was constructed in 1394 for the Mamluk governor of Damascus (دمشق), Seif al-Din Tanibak al-Husseini (سيف الدين تنيبك الحسيني), who ruled the city from 1392 through 1400. Within the complex is a mausoleum containing the benefactor’s tomb, a common practice during …

Damascus – Turbeh Araq
دمشق – تربة آراق

Turbeh Araq (تربة آراق) was constructed in 1349 as a burial place for Araq Bin Abdullah al-Salhadar (آراق بن عبد الله السلحدار), a governor of Safad (Palestine) during the Mamluk period. Located in the historic southern neighborhood of al-Midan (الميدان), the building is particularly impressive for its façade, on the eastern side of the building. The decorative stonework features turquoise faience inlay above an entry …

Damascus – Manjak Mosque
دمشق – جامع منجك

Having been heavily modernized in recent decades, Manjak Mosque (جامع منجك) is barely recognizable as a historic building from the exterior. However, the mosque actually dates back to the Mamluk period. It was constructed in the early 15th century under Nasr al-Din Mohammed (ناصر الدين محمد), the son of Ibrahim (إبراهيم) and the grandson of the Mamluk governor Seif al-Din Manjak (سيف الدين منجك). The …