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Qalaat Jaabar
قلعة جعبر

Qalaat Jaabar (قلعة جعبر) is an Ayyubid-era castle located on what was formally a hilltop position overlooking the Euphrates. Now, due to the dam built just downstream, the castle is on a small island on the northeast bank of Lake Assad, connected to the land by an artificial causeway. One of the most impressive castles in the east of Syria, it is well worth a …


Mashqita (مشقيتا) is a small town in the mountains northeast of Lattakia (اللاذقية) which overlooks the largest lake in the province. This is a popular summer destination for swimming and boating, and there are numerous restaurants near the lake. It is an easy trip from Lattakia (اللاذقية) which offers a scenic place to relax or go for a hike, with pine forests stretching to the east of …