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Qalaat Sheizar (قلعة شيزر)

Qalaat Sheizar قلعة شيزر

Qalaat Sheizar (قلعة شيزر) is an impressive Arab castle located to the north of Hama (حماة) overlooking a vital river crossing point on the Orontes. …

Qalaat Mirza (قلعة ميرزا)

Qalaat Mirza قلعة ميرزا

One of the most dramatically situated castles in the whole of Syria, the Crusader castle of Qalaat Mirza (قلعة ميرزا) – sometimes referred to as …

Masyaf (مصياف)

Masyaf مصياف

Masyaf (مصياف) is a predominantly Ismaili town about 45 kilometers west of Hama (حماة). The primary attraction of Masyaf (مصياف) is the …

Deir al-Salib (دير الصليب)

Deir al-Salib دير الصليب

The remains of two Byzantine churches are located on opposite ends of this small Alawite village near Masyaf (مصياف). The western church, …