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ريف دير الزور

Tel al-Salhiyeh/Dura Europos
تل الصالحية/دورا آوروبس

Tel al-Salhiyeh (تل الصالحية) is the modern name for the ancient city of Dura Europos (دورا آوروبس). Located in the Euphrates river valley between the modern town of al-Mayadin (الميادين‎) and the Iraqi border, the ruins of Dura Europos (دورا آوروبس) are perhaps the most impressive of all archaeological sites in the countryside of Deir al-Zur (دير الزور). While the remains are in a generally poor …

Tel al-Hariri/Mari
تل الحريري/ماري

Tel al-Hariri (تل الحريري), the ancient city of Mari (ماري), dates from as far back as the 5th millennium BC. The city first reached prominence around 2900 BC, and went through numerous periods of prosperity and decline until it was finally destroyed in 1759 BC. It was rediscovered in 1933, during the French mandate period, and archaeologists from the Lourve in Paris were quick to …

Qalaat al-Rahbeh
قلعة الرحبة

Qalaat al-Rahbeh (قلعة الرحبة) is a small fortress located on the southwestern edge of the Euphrates river valley, near the modern town of al-Mayadin (الميادين‎). While the castle is in a fairly poor state of preservation it remains an impressive sight, dominating the surrounding countryside. It makes for a worthwhile stop if traveling between the archaeological sites of Tel al-Hariri/Mari (تل الحريري/ماري) and Tel al-Salhiyeh/Doura …

Deir al-Zur
دير الزور

Deir al-Zur (دير الزور), located on the Euphrates, is the largest and most developed city in Syria’s eastern provinces. While the city offers little in terms of historic remains, it is the most convenient base for visiting a number of archaeological sites in the region. Nearby sites include Tel al-Hariri/Mari (تل الحريري/ماري), Tel al-Salehiyeh/Doura Europos (تل الصالحية/دورا آوروبس), Qalaat al-Rahbeh (قلعة الرحبة), and the dual Byzantine fortifications of Halabiyeh (حلبية) …