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Tel al-Salhiyeh/Dura Europos
تل الصالحية/دورا آوروبس

Tel al-Salhiyeh (تل الصالحية) is the modern name for the ancient city of Dura Europos (دورا آوروبس). Located in the Euphrates river valley between the modern town of al-Mayadin (الميادين‎) and the Iraqi border, the ruins of Dura Europos (دورا آوروبس) are perhaps the most impressive of all archaeological sites in the countryside of Deir al-Zur (دير الزور). While the remains are in a generally poor …

al-Nabi Houri
النبي هوري

Perhaps the most expansive of the Roman and Byzantine sites in the countryside of Aleppo (حلب) are the remains located at al-Nabi Houri (النبي هوري). Seldom visited due to its remote location, the site contains extensive remains of a once significant ancient city. These remains include an impressive Roman theater and tower tomb as well as two bridges that remain in use today. There are …


Qinnasrin (قنسرين), located in the modern village of al-Aisa (العيسى), is the site of the ancient Chalcis ad Belum. This was an important city during the Roman period, more centrally located than Aleppo (حلب), and a major transportation hub. Ancient roads connected Chalcis ad Belum with other Roman cities throughout the region. The hilltop location also provided commanding views over the surrounding countryside. While very …


Amrit (عمريت) was a Phoenician religious center, and in terms of the visible remains it is arguably the most impressive Phoenician site in Syria. The ruins include a temple complex and numerous tombs, though the site was also a continental port for the settlement on Arwad (ارواد) island. The architectual styles show Persian and Egyptian influence, and the Romans built a stadium here in the 4th century. Amrit (عمريت) …