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Damascus – Markets
دمشق – اسواق

Perhaps nowhere else in Syria does the country’s vibrant culture come alive as in the traditional markets of its major cities. While Syria’s incredible historic monuments attract visitors from around the world, many leave the country more deeply impressed by its wonderful people and their culture, which is openly on display in Syria’s markets. Exploring the markets of Damascus (دمشق) will likely be one of …

Aleppo – Markets
حلب – اسواق

The city of Aleppo (حلب) has a long tradition of trade and commerce, and has historically been Syria’s major economic center. The traditional markets (اسواق) of the old city were, for centuries, the hub of this commercial activity. This maze of covered markets (اسواق) is far more extensive than any other in Syria, totaling a remarkable seven kilometers in length. Exploring these markets (اسواق) is …

Homs – Markets
حمص – اسواق

While not nearly as expansive as those in Damascus (دمشق) or Aleppo (حلب), the city of Homs (حمص) has an interesting market (سوق) that is worth exploring if visiting the other sites around the old city area. The market (سوق) is located in the northwestern section of the old city and covers several city blocks. As Homs (حمص) does not generally see any tourist traffic, …