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Qalaat al-Maniqeh
قلعة المنيقة

Qalaat al-Maniqeh (قلعة المنيقة) is a seldom-visited castle in the mountains southeast of Jableh (جبلة), overlooking the village of Wadi al-Qalaa (وادي القلع). While the exterior walls of the castle are fairly well-preserved and still an impressive sight from afar, the interior is mostly destroyed and/or buried (much of the interior has been used, until recently, for agriculture by local villagers). Restoration and excavation work is currently …

Mashta al-Helou & Kafroun
مشتى الحلو و كفرون

Mashta al-Helou (مشتى الحلو) and nearby Kafroun (كفرون) are two of the most developed and picturesque of Syria’s mountain resorts, and offer beautiful places to escape the summer heat. On clear days, the often snowcovered mountains of Lebanon are visible at a distance from Mashta al-Helou (مشتى الحلو), which also has numerous luxury hotels and restaurants. Kafroun (كفرون), in a valley below, is the location of many summer homes. …

Tel Shahab
تل شهاب

Tel Shahab (تل شهاب) is a village and archaeological site just a few hundred meters away from the Jordanian border to the northwest of Daraa (درعا). Most interesting are the Roman-era watermills situated in a scenic valley below the village. There is a waterfall descending into the valley, and the area is worth visiting for the beautiful scenery alone, particularly in the spring.   Getting …