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Tel al-Karameh
تل الكرامة

Tel al-Karameh (تل الكرامة) is the site of a substantial section of Roman road (الطريق الروماني) that remains remarkably well preserved. While a large network of roads was maintained in Syria throughout the Roman and Byzantine periods, this is one of the few sections that is still visible today. Elsewhere, their paths have only been able to be reconstructed through aerial photography and written records, occasionally supported by archaeological …

Souq Wadi Barada
سوق وادي بردى

During the Roman period, an extensive network of roads was constructed to connect Syria’s major urban centers. Two of the most important cities in the region were Damascus (دمشق) and Heliopolis, modern Baalbek (Lebanon). The village of Souq Wadi Barada (سوق وادي بردى), then the Roman settlement of Abila, was located along the route that linked these two cities. Considerable remains from the Roman period …