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al-Madrasa al-Rukniyeh

Damascus – al-Madrasa al-Rukniyeh
دمشق – المدرسة الركنية

al-Madrasa al-Rukniyeh (المدرسة الركنية), also known as al-Rukniyeh Mosque (جامع الركنية), is a religious school and mausoleum that dates back to the Ayyubid period. The building, as well as the residential neighborhood to the northeast, is named after Rukn al-Din Mankuris al-Faliki al-Aadili (ركن الدين منكورس الفلكي العادلي). He was a servant and companion of Falik al-Din Suleiman al-Aadili (فلك الدين سليمان العادلي), who was …