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Damascus – Mohi al-Din Bin Arabi Mosque
دمشق – جامع محي الدين بن عربي

Mohi al-Din Bin Arabi Mosque (جامع محي الدين بن عربي) is a fascinating place of worship in the northern Damascus (دمشق) district of al-Salhiyeh (الصالحية). The mosque contains the tomb of the renowned Sufi mystic Abu Abdullah Mohammed Ibn Ali Ibn Mohammed Ibn Arabi (أبو عبدالله محمد ابن علي ابن محمد ابن عربي), who lived from 1165-1240. Ibn Arabi was born in Andalusia and gradually …

Damascus – al-Hanabaleh Mosque
دمشق – جامع الحنابلة

al-Hanabaleh Mosque (جامع الحنابلة), in the northern district of al-Salhiyeh (الصالحية), is the oldest surviving mosque in Damascus (دمشق) after the Umayyad Mosque (الجامع الاموي). It was the first monument to be constructed in Damascus (دمشق) during the Ayyubid period, built between 1202 and 1213 for the followers of the Hanbali school of Islam. The rather austere exterior of the mosque hides an attractive courtyard …

Damascus – al-Madrasa al-Rukniyeh
دمشق – المدرسة الركنية

al-Madrasa al-Rukniyeh (المدرسة الركنية), also known as al-Rukniyeh Mosque (جامع الركنية), is a religious school and mausoleum that dates back to the Ayyubid period. The building, as well as the residential neighborhood to the northeast, is named after Rukn al-Din Mankuris al-Faliki al-Aadili (ركن الدين منكورس الفلكي العادلي). He was a servant and companion of Falik al-Din Suleiman al-Aadili (فلك الدين سليمان العادلي), who was …

Damascus – al-Madrasa al-Mershadiyeh
دمشق – المدرسة المرشدية

al-Madrasa al-Mershadiyeh (المدرسة المرشدية) is an Ayyubid-era religious school and mausoleum located in the northern Damascus (دمشق) district of al-Salhiyeh (الصالحية). It was constructed in 1252 in honor of Khadijeh Khatoun (خديجة خاتون), the daughter of Ayyubid ruler al-Maazem Sharaf al-Din Aisa (المعظم شرف الدين عيسى). After her death in 1526, Khadijeh Khatoun (خديجة خاتون) was buried here. The complex is also known as Madrasa …