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Aleppo – Aleppo Citadel
حلب – قلعة حلب

One of the most incredible fortifications in Syria, and the whole of the Middle East, is the magnificent Aleppo Citadel (قلعة حلب). Located on a naturally formed hill at the center of the old city, the site has been in use since at least the 3rd millennium BCE. It was referenced in cuneiform tablets from Ebla (ايبلا) and Mari (ماري), and a recently excavated temple …

Aleppo – Hammam Yalbugha
حلب – حمام يلبغا

One of the most impressive public baths in Syria is Hammam Yalbugha (حمام يلبغا), located in the old city of Aleppo (حلب) just south of the Aleppo Citadel (قلعة حلب). The baths were originally constructed in the mid-14th century, but were destroyed in 1399 when Timur sacked the city. The baths were later restored by Seif al-Din Yalbugha al-Nasiri (سيف الدين يلبغا الناصري), the Mamluk …