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Deir al-Zur
دير الزور

Deir al-Zur (دير الزور), located on the Euphrates, is the largest and most developed city in Syria’s eastern provinces. While the city offers little in terms of historic remains, it is the most convenient base for visiting a number of archaeological sites in the region. Nearby sites include Tel al-Hariri/Mari (تل الحريري/ماري), Tel al-Salehiyeh/Doura Europos (تل الصالحية/دورا آوروبس), Qalaat al-Rahbeh (قلعة الرحبة), and the dual Byzantine fortifications of Halabiyeh (حلبية) …

al-Nabi Houri
النبي هوري

Perhaps the most expansive of the Roman and Byzantine sites in the countryside of Aleppo (حلب) are the remains located at al-Nabi Houri (النبي هوري). Seldom visited due to its remote location, the site contains extensive remains of a once significant ancient city. These remains include an impressive Roman theater and tower tomb as well as two bridges that remain in use today. There are …

Jisr al-Shaghur
جسر الشغور

Jisr al-Shaghur (جسر الشغور) is a fairly large town on the main route between Lattakia (اللاذقية) and Aleppo (حلب). While it has had a long history, as many other Syrian towns, there is little to see here today. Nonetheless, as a regional center and transit hub, you’ll most likely stop here if you intend to visit either Bakas/Qalaat al-Shaghur (قلعة الشغور) or the nearby Qalaat Mirza (قلعة …


Jamrein (جمرين) is a small village located about three kilometers north of Bosra (بصری). The village contains two monuments of interest from the Roman period: a small Roman palace and, a few hundred meters to the north, a Roman bridge. The palace, while lacking decoration, is very well preserved. The bridge is partially collapsed, but in otherwise good condition.   Getting There: To get to Jamrein …