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Qalaat al-Hosn - Krak des Chevaliers (قلعة الحصن)

Qalaat al-Hosn قلعة الحصن

Qalaat al-Hosn (قلعة الحصن), more famously known as Krak des Chevaliers, is arguably the best preserved and most impressive Crusader castle surviving …

Qalaat Mirza (قلعة ميرزا)

Qalaat Mirza قلعة ميرزا

One of the most dramatically situated castles in the whole of Syria, the Crusader castle of Qalaat Mirza (قلعة ميرزا) – sometimes referred to as …

Harem (حارم)

Harem حارم

Harem (حارم) is small town overlooking the rich Plain of Amuq to the east of Antioch (modern Antakya), across the border with …

al-Bara (البارة)

al-Bara البارة

al-Bara (البارة) is the site of an extensive Byzantine-era settlement, perhaps the largest in the limestone massif, and should be included on …

Rabiaa (ربيعة)

Rabiaa ربيعة

Rabiaa (ربيعة) is a minor site of mostly Byzantine-era remains located between the more substantial sites of Serjilla (سرجلا) and Shinshirah (شنشراح) in the southern …

Qalaat al-Maniqeh (قلعة المنيقة)

Qalaat al-Maniqeh قلعة المنيقة

Qalaat al-Maniqeh (قلعة المنيقة) is a seldom-visited castle in the mountains southeast of Jableh (جبلة), overlooking the village of Wadi al-Qalaa (وادي القلع). While …