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Aleppo – al-Qiqan Mosque
حلب – جامع القيقان

The curious al-Qiqan Mosque (جامع القيقان), located at the western edge of the old city of Aleppo (حلب), sits atop an ancient archaeological mound known as Tel al-Aqabeh (تل العقبة‎). This area was incorporated into the city of Aleppo (حلب) during the Hellenistic period, when the city was known as Beroea. Prior to this Tel al-Aqabeh (تل العقبة‎) was an independent village. While al-Qiqan Mosque …

Ain Dara
عين دارة

The fascinating temple of Ain Dara (عين دارة), located northwest of Aleppo (حلب) near the Kurdish town of Afrin (عفرين), is an incredible example of religious architecture from the Hittite period. The temple, constructed on a hill overlooking the Afrin River valley, is one of the best preserved of the Hittite sites in Syria. While the remains are modest in scale, the architectural style is …