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Jebel Halaqeh

Zarzita (زرزيتا)

Zarzita زرزيتا

Zarzita (زرزيتا) is a small village with scattered Byzantine-era remains to the southwest of Jebel Samaan (جبل سمعان). The village seems to …

Serjableh (سرجبله)

Serjableh سرجبله

Serjableh (سرجبله) is an extensive Byzantine site that includes the remains of an impressive monastic tower and at least three churches. At …

Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين)

Kafr Lusein كفر لوسين

The remains at the Byzantine site of Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين), to the northwest of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية), include small but well preserved …