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Damascus – Khan Assad Basha
دمشق – خان اسعد باشا

Khan Assad Basha (خان اسعد باشا) is the largest and most noteworthy of the several dozen khans in the old city of Damascus (دمشق). Also known as caravanserai, khans offered accommodation for travelers, particularly large trade caravans. They also functioned as warehouses for receiving, storing and dispatching trade goods. Today, most simply serve as extensions of the surrounding markets, containing workshops and storage space for …

Qalaat al-Madiq
قلعة المضيق

Qalaat al-Madiq (قلعة المضيق) is a large village located on the main road that travels the length of the eastern side of the al-Ghab plain north of al-Suqeilbiyeh (الصفيلبية). While most well-known for the neighboring site of Apamea (آفاميا), Qalaat al-Madiq (قلعة المضيق) itself has a few attractions of note. Foremost is the castle that overlooks the town, which was largely constructed from remains of the nearby Roman …

Maarat al-Naaman
معرة النعمان

Maarat al-Naaman (معرة النعمان) is a large town located in a somewhat prosperous agricultural belt on the southeastern edge of the limestone massif area of northern Syria, between the Orontes River and the desert. It is fairly conservative, and the population almost entirely Sunni Muslim. Traces of ancient remains are found scattered throughout the town, illustrating its antiquity. Though known to the Greeks and Romans …