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Old Houses

Aleppo – Old Houses
حلب – البيوت القديمة

One of the major attractions of Aleppo (حلب) is the city’s traditional residential architecture. Throughout the old city and the neighboring historic district of Jdeideh (جديدة) are beautiful residences dating back to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods, and in some instances even earlier. Dozens of these historic buildings had been converted into hotels, cafes, restaurants, and offices in recent decades, providing the opportunity for visitors …

Hama – Old Houses
حماة – البيوت القديمة

Much of the historic center of Hama (حماة) was destroyed by armed conflict in 1982. The Syrian government launched a major offensive against the city, then a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood, in February of that year. Subsequent reconstruction of the city largely ignored its architectural heritage, much of which was replaced by modern development. Only a small area of the old city has survived, …

Homs – Old Houses
حمص – البيوت القديمة

While often overlooked by visitors, the old city of Homs (حمص) is rich in historic residential architecture. Most of these houses were constructed during the Mamluk and Ottoman eras, with some remains dating back to earlier Islamic periods. Scattered remnants from the Roman and Byzantine periods, when the city was known as Emesa, can be found throughout the area as well. While most of these …