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Qara (قارة) is a nondescript town located on the main highway between Damascus (دمشق) and Homs (حمص). It has a couple sites of historic interest, making it worth a stop if traveling through the area. Of primary interest are the well-preserved frescoes from the 10th century that are located in the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Sergius and Bacchus. Though some of the frescoes have been moved to the …

Deir Mar Yaqoub
دير مار يعقوب

Deir Mar Yaqoub (دير مار يعقوب), a monastery dedicated to Saint Jacob, was in nearly complete ruin until the mid-90s when a restoration project began under the leadership of Lebanese and Syrian Roman Catholic nuns. Today, it is almost completely rebuilt and houses a convent. The monastery dates back to the fifth century, when the Byzantine empire controlled Syria, and it was built on the …