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Syria Photo Guide

Damascus – Sabil al-Khazneh
دمشق – سبيل الخزنة

An interesting monument located near the western Bab al-Jabiyeh (باب الجابية) in the old city of Damascus (دمشق) is the Mamluk-era Sabil al-Khazneh (سبيل الخزنة). This public fountain was endowed by al-Amir Seif al-Din Jarkas (الأمير سيف الدين جركس), a grand chamberlain of Damascus (دمشق) under the Mamluks, in 1405. Above the fountain are Arabic inscriptions and a decorative arch. The moldings inside the arch …

Homs – Mosques
حمص – الجوامع

There are numerous historic mosques (الجوامع) scattered throughout the old city of Homs (حمص), though little research is available on most of them. Characteristic of these mosques is the black basalt stone used in their construction, often featuring tall square minarets with minimal decoration. Many of these stones were recycled from the Roman and Byzantine periods, when the city was known as Emesa. In their …

Homs – Citadel & City Walls
حمص – القلعه و جدران المدينه

Remains of the Homs Citadel (قلعه حمص), located southwest of the old city, appear to be of Ayyubid origin. The fortifications were restored during the Mamluk period under the rule of Baibars (بيبرس), but were largely destroyed in the 1830s when the forces of Mohammed Ali Basha (محمد علي باشا‎) put down a rebellion against his rule. Several towers survive in varying states of preservation, …

Homs – Old Houses
حمص – البيوت القديمة

While often overlooked by visitors, the old city of Homs (حمص) is rich in historic residential architecture. Most of these houses were constructed during the Mamluk and Ottoman eras, with some remains dating back to earlier Islamic periods. Scattered remnants from the Roman and Byzantine periods, when the city was known as Emesa, can be found throughout the area as well. While most of these …


Just outside the modern town of Meskaneh (مسكنة), on the shore of Lake Assad, are the remnants of the Bronze Age city of Emar and the subsequent Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab settlements that occupied the site. Surviving remains include Byzantine fortifications and a 13th century brick minaret that offers commanding views over the area. The ancient settlement of Emar was mentioned in the tablets …