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Tomb of Salah al-Din

Damascus – al-Madrasa al-Aziziyeh
دمشق – المدرسة العزيزية

While little remains of the Ayyubid-era al-Madrasa al-Aziziyeh (المدرسة العزيزية), the notable survival is the burial chamber of Salah al-Din Yousef Bin Ayoub (صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎). The Tomb of Salah al-Din (قبر صلاح الدين) was completed in 1196 during the brief reign of his son, al-Afdal Bin Salah al-Din (الأفضل بن صلاح الدين‎), over Damascus (دمشق). The surrounding religious school, of which only …