al-Dumeir الضمير

al-Dumeir (الضمير)

al-Dumeir (الضمير) is a modern town with a well-preserved Roman temple said to date from the 3rd century. The town itself is otherwise uninteresting, but the temple makes for a worthwhile afternoon excursion from Damascus (دمشق). Note the Greek inscriptions covering much of the eastern base of the temple.


Getting There: Getting to al-Dumeir (الضمير) is relatively simple as direct microbuses travel between the town and Damascus (دمشق). They depart from the large bus station at al-Thawra al-Arabiyeh al-Kabra Square (ساحة الثورة العربية الكبرى), which is northeast of al-Abaseen Square (ساحة العباسيين) and generally referred to simply as Karajat (كرجات). The trip takes about 45 minutes. The temple is near the center of town, and can be seen down a side street to the right off of the main road (though it is probably best to let the driver know your destination).

Coordinates: 33°38’23.55″N / 36°41’19.62″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Dumair, al-Dumeyr, al-Dumayr

Rating: 5 / 10

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