al-Maqataa Church
كنيسة المقاطع

al-Maqataa Church (كنيسة المقاطع) is a ruined Byzantine-era church north of Lattakia (اللاذقية) just a one kilometer northeast of Ras Shamra/Ugarit (رآس شمرا/آوغاريت). While little remains aside from the apse and some of the side walls, it is worth a quick stop to investigate if in the area. If traveling between Lattakia (اللاذقية) and Burj Islam (برج اسلام), the church will be visible on the western side of the road.


Getting There: Any microbus traveling from Lattakia (اللاذقية) to Burj Islam (برج اسلام) will pass by the remains of the church, visible on the west side of the road only two kilometers beyond the turn for Ras Shamra/Ugarit (رآس شمرا/آوغاريت). Alternatively, it is an easy one kilometer walk to the church from Ras Shamra/Ugarit (رآس شمرا/آوغاريت), and there are fairly frequent microbuses traveling back to Lattakia (اللاذقية) along this road.

Coordinates: 35°36’22.91″N / 35°47’35.85″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Maqata Church

Rating2 out of 10 stars (2 / 10)

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