al-Qadmous القدموس

al-Qadmous (القدموس)

al-Qadmous (القدموس) is a mixed Alawite and Ismaili mountain village located roughly halfway between Banias (بانياس) and Masyaf (مصياف). Little remains of the Ismaili stronghold that once dominated the area, the castle’s fortifications have since been destroyed or pillaged for building material. The castle gate is about all you’ll see, though the views of the surrounding countryside are impressive. Within the castle some arches and doorways remain, many of which have been reincorporated into modern homes.


Getting There: If you’re traveling between Masyaf (مصياف) and the coast, the fastest route is through al-Qadmous (القدموس). Traveling between Hama (حماة) and Tartus (طرطوس) via Masyaf (مصياف) and al-Qadmous (القدموس) is much more scenic than via Homs (حمص), so it is worth considering this route if you are not pressed for time. If you have time to spare, al-Qadmous (القدموس) is a nice enough place to spend an hour or two. The village itself has a certain charm. Microbuses travel between al-Qadmous (القدموس) and Tartus (طرطوس)Banias (بانياس), and Masyaf (مصياف) quite regularly throughout the day.

Coordinates: 35°05’42.96″N / 36°09’29.14″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Qadmus, al-Kadmous, al-Kadmus

Rating: 3 / 10

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