al-Seida Zeinab السيدة زينب

al-Seida Zeinab (السيدة زينب)

al-Seida Zeinab (السيدة زينب) is the most important Shia shrine in Syria, and a major site of pilgrimage for Shia Muslims from across the Middle East. It is roughly ten kilometers southeast of Damascus (دمشق) in a predominantly Shia suburb that carries the same name. Non-Muslims are not supposed to approach the tomb itself, but are allowed inside the shrine. Officially, photography is not permitted inside, though it appears that this rule is rarely enforced.


Getting There: Microbuses traveling to al-Seida Zeinab (السيدة زينب) from Damascus (دمشق) depart from the microbus station located between Bab Mousala Square (ساحة باب مصلى) and Hassan al-Kharat Square (ساحة حسن الخراط). This is about 500 meters south of the old city. The microbus station serves mostly local destinations, including southern and eastern suburbs of Damascus (دمشق). The only other reason you’d likely visit this station would be to travel to Haran al-Awamid (حران العواميد). It takes anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes to reach al-Seida Zeinab (السيدة زينب), depending on traffic. Look out for the shrine on the left side of the road or tell the microbus driver where you want to go, as the microbuses continue beyond the site.

Coordinates: 33°26’39.65″N / 36°20’26.82″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Saida Zeinab, al-Seida Zeineb, al-Saida Zeineb, al-Seida Zaineb, al-Saida Zaineb

Rating: 6 / 10

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