Aleppo – al-Aadiliyeh Mosque حلب – جامع العادلية

Aleppo - al-Aadiliyeh Mosque (حلب - جامع العادلية)

al-Aadiliyeh Mosque (جامع العادلية) was constructed under the rule of Ottoman governor Mohammed Basha Bin Douqeh Kein (محمد باشا بن دوقه كين) sometime between 1550 and 1557, with the exact date disputed by historians. This was part of a mid-16th century expansion into the area that was previously an exercise ground under the Mamluks. The building is the second oldest Turkish-style mosque in Aleppo (حلب), sharing many similarities with the earlier al-Madrasa al-Khosruwiyeh (المدرسة الخسروية). Some historians believe that Sinan Basha (سنان باشا) was involved in the design of this complex as well.

Two passageways, from the west and east, provide entry into the open courtyard which includes a small fountain. On the southern side of the courtyard, the mosque features a wide portico covered by five domes and supported by a series of columns and arches. The entrance to the prayer hall includes alternating black and yellow stone and muqarnas. The prayer hall itself features a large central dome and detailed mihrab. Beautiful faience panels provide decoration above the windows, many of which are stained glass. The single slender minaret is located on the northwestern side of the building and is forty-seven meters in height. The name of the mosque was derived from the Arabic word for justice (العدل‎), as a courthouse was formerly located adjacent to the complex.

The mosque has suffered damaged during the ongoing fighting in the city, with a portion of the northern façade and the minaret having been destroyed by artillery fire. Prior to the conflict, the mosque was open during regular prayer times.


Getting There: The mosque is located less than two hundred meters south of the Great Mosque of Aleppo (جامع حلب الكبير‎) and just northwest of al-Safahiyeh Mosque (جامع السفاحية).

Coordinates: 36°11’51.00″N / 37°09’28.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Adiliyeh Mosque, al-Aadiliye Mosque, al-Adiliye Mosque, al-Aadaliyeh Mosque, al-Adaliyeh Mosque, al-Aadaliye Mosque, al-Adaliye Mosque

Rating: 6 / 10

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