Aleppo – al-Fardous Mosque حلب – جامع الفردوس

Aleppo - al-Fardous Mosque & Madrasa (حلب - الجامع و المدرسة الفردوس)

al-Fardous Mosque (جامع الفردوس), also known as Madrasa al-Fardous (مدرسة الفردوس), is one of the most attractive Islamic sites in the city of Aleppo (حلب). It was founded between 1234 and 1237 by Daifa Khatun, the widow of Sultan al-Zaher Ghazi.


Getting There: al-Fardous Mosque (جامع الفردوس) is located beyond the southern walls of the old city of Aleppo (حلب), approximately one kilometer south of Bab Qinnesrin (باب قنسرين) and a similar distance southwest of Bab al-Maqam (باب المقام).

Coordinates: 36°11’11.00″N / 37°09’20.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Fardus Mosque, al-Faradous Mosque, al-Faradus Mosque, al-Fardaws Mosque, al-Faradaws Mosque, al-Fardows Mosque, al-Farduws Mosque, al-Firdous Mosque, al-Firdus Mosque, al-Firadous Mosque, al-Firadus Mosque, al-Firdaws Mosque, al-Firadaws Mosque, al-Firdows Mosque, al-Firduws Mosque

Rating: 7 / 10

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