Aleppo – al-Othamaniyeh Mosque حلب – جامع العثمانية

Aleppo - al-Othamaniyeh Mosque (حلب - جامع العثمانية)

al-Othamaniyeh Mosque (جامع العثمانية), also a religious school, was built in the 1730s by Pasha al-Duraki. It has one of the tallest minarets in the city of Aleppo (حلب), constructed in the traditional Ottoman style. It is centered on a large courtyard with a fountain and two small garden plots. The mosque, on the southern side of the courtyard, is preceded by a three-domed portico and flanked by two iwans. The complex was an active institution for religious studies in the eighteenth century, and forty-two student rooms line the other three sides of the courtyard.


Getting There: The mosque is located in the northern section of the old city of Aleppo (حلب) in the neighborhood of al-Farafareh (الفرافرة). It is a few hundred meters northwest of Qalaat Haleb (قلعة حلب) and a short distance south of the old city gate of Bab al-Nasr (باب النصر).

Coordinates: 36°12’11.00″N / 37°09’42.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Othamaniye Mosque, al-Othamaniya Mosque, al-Othamaniyah Mosque, al-Othmaniyeh Mosque, al-Othmaniye Mosque, al-Othmaniya Mosque, al-Othmaniyah Mosque

Rating: 5 / 10

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