Aleppo – al-Rumi Mosque حلب – جامع الرومي

Aleppo - al-Rumi Mosque (حلب - جامع الرومي)

al-Rumi Mosque (جامع الرومي), sometimes referred to as Mankali Bagha Mosque (جامع منكلي بغا), was constructed in 1365 under Seif al-Din Mankali Bagha al-Shamsi (سيف الدين منكلي بغا الشمسي), the Mamluk governor of Aleppo (حلب) at the time. Seif al-Din Mankali Bagha al-Shamsi (سيف الدين منكلي بغا الشمسي) would later become the commander of the Mamluk armed forces. He played a critical role in the 1367 defeat of the combined forces of Armenia, Cyprus and Rhodes at the port city of Ayas, part of the Kingdom of Cilicia located near modern Adana, Turkey. Inscriptions on the mosque commemorate this battle.

The mosque is particularly impressive for its remarkably tall minaret, a rare example of a cylindrical form. The building features a large courtyard with a prayer hall to the south. The mosque was restored at the end of the Mamluk period under Janam al-Hamzawi (جانم الحمزاوي) in 1511, and the northern wall of the mosque was reconstructed in 1852. The mosque is open during regular prayer times. Unfortunately, the minaret suffered substantial damage during 2013-2014 armed conflict in Aleppo (حلب) and will need to be restored.


Getting There: al-Rumi Mosque (جامع الرومي) is located less than two hundred meters to the northeast of Bab Qinnasrin (باب قنسرين) in the old city of Aleppo (حلب). Following the street north of Bab Qinnasrin (باب قنسرين), the large minaret of al-Rumi Mosque (جامع الرومي) will be visible down the third alleyway on the right.

Coordinates: 36°11’43.00″N / 37°09’26.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Roumi Mosque

Rating: 3 / 10

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