Aleppo – al-Safahiyeh Mosque حلب – جامع السفاحية

Aleppo - al-Safahiyeh Mosque (حلب - جامع السفاحية)

The Mamluk-era al-Safahiyeh Mosque (جامع السفاحية) is located near the center of the old city of Aleppo (حلب). The mosque was constructed in 1425 under Ahmad Bin Salah Bin Ahmad al-Safah (أحمد بن صالح بن أحمد السفاح) and also served as a religious school. The building received substantial restorations in 1925.

al-Safahiyeh Mosque (جامع السفاحية) is unique for its particularly tall and slender entrance portal. It is elaborately decorated with muqarnas and alternating horizontal bands of black and white stone. The entrance leads into a small open courtyard with the prayer hall to the south. On the northern and western sides of the courtyard are study halls for religious students. The interior is generally accessible during regular prayer times.

The minaret, to the left (east) side of the entrance, is also rich in stone carved decoration. It is considered one of the most beautiful minarets in the city, and stands twenty-five and a half meters tall. It is octagonal in shape and features a balcony and wooden roof at the top. Unfortunately, the minaret suffered significant damage during 2013-2014 armed conflict in Aleppo (حلب) and will need to be restored.


Getting There: al-Safahiyeh Mosque (جامع السفاحية) is located about four hundred meters southwest of the entrance to the Aleppo Citadel (قلعة حلب) and only about two hundred meters east of al-Bimaristan al-Arghuni (البيمارستان الارغوني). The neighborhood around the mosque shares the same name, al-Safahiyeh (السفاحية).

Coordinates: 36°11’49.00″N / 37°09’30.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Safahiye Mosque, al-Safahiya Mosque, al-Safahiyah Mosque, al-Saffahiyeh Mosque, al-Saffahiye Mosque, al-Saffahiya Mosque, al-Saffahiyah Mosque

Rating: 3 / 10

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