Barish al-Shamali
باريش الشمالي

The ruins of Barish al-Shamali (باريش الشمالي), located in the mountainous region of Jebel al-Aala (جبل الأعلى) to the southeast of Harem (حارم), date mostly from the fourth and fifth centuries. Like most Byzantine remains in the area, the settlement began as an agricultural village with small farms, and later expanded to include a small church and some commercial buildings. While the church is in a poor state of preservation, most of the foundations remain. One large villa remains fairly well-preserved.

Overall, it is a fairly minor site and not worth going out of the way to visit. However, its location on the main road from Harem (حارم) makes it an easy site to visit en route to Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة). Barish al-Shamali (باريش الشمالي) is worthy of a quick visit to inspect the few remaining structures.


Getting There: There is no regular public transportation into the region of Jebel al-Aala (جبل الأعلى), presenting a challenge for visitors. There are two main routes for getting into the area.

The most common route is via the town of Harem (حارم), to the northwest, which has regular microbus connections with Aleppo (حلب) and Idleb (إدلب)Harem (حارم) is approximately ten kilometers from Banabel (بنابل), the northernmost site in the region, and about fifteen kilometers from Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة). The road leading up to Jebel al-Aala (جبل الأعلى) begins about two kilometers to the east of Harem (حارم), on the road coming into town from Aleppo (حلب). From there, it should be possible to hitchhike the remaining eight kilometers south to Banabel (بنابل), but traffic is relatively light. The alternative would be to hire a private driver in Harem (حارم).

The less commonly traveled route, which is actually closer to the main site of Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة), is via the town of Qurqaniya (قورقنيا), to the east of Jebel al-Aala (جبل الأعلى)Qurqaniya (قورقنيا) has semi-frequent microbus connections with Aleppo (حلب) and Idleb (إدلب) and is about six kilometers southeast of Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة). The main road through Qurqaniya (قورقنيا) continues west, then northwest across a small valley. On the opposite end of the valley a steep road ascends to Jebel al-Aala (جبل الأعلى)Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة) is found to the left directly beyond this ascent. Traffic seems a bit more frequent on this route, so hitchhiking should be possible, or a private driver could be hired in Qurqaniya (قورقنيا).

Once in Jebel al-Aala (جبل الأعلى), there are approximately eight sites of interest. With an early arrival to the region, they can all be visited in a full day of exploration on foot. Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة) is the largest village in the area and the most well-known site, so it may be preferable to start there, especially if traveling the Qurqaniya (قورقنيا) route. If traveling from Harem (حارم), it may be preferable to start at the northernmost site of Banabel (بنابل) and continue south from there.

Barish al-Shamali (باريش الشمالي) is on the western side of the road between Qalb Lozeh (قلب لوزة) and Banabel (بنابل).

Coordinates: 36°11’00.37″N / 36°34’50.53″E

Transliteration Variants: Barish al-Shamalei, Barish al-Shamaly, Barisha al-Shamali, Barisha al-Shamalei, Barasha al-Shamaly

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