Bashkuh باشكوح

Bashkuh (باشكوح)

Bashkuh (باشكوح) is a minor Byzantine-era site located on a hilltop to the southwest of Bamuqa (باموقا). The ruins cover a fairly large area and include multiple villas and churches, some of which are in fairly good states of preservation. One of the churches has a basilica plan and dates to the fifth century. Like most other Byzantine sites in the region, the economy of Bashkuh (باشكوح) relied heavily on olive oil production, and there are some olive presses here as well. While not one of the more impressive sites in the Jebel Barisha (جبل باريشا) region, its proximity to Bamuqa (باموقا) and ease of access make it worth a visit.


Getting There: Any microbus traveling between Aleppo (حلب) to Harem (حارم) will pass within a few hundred meters of Bashkuh (باشكوح). After passing through the village of Sarmada (سرمدا) and beyond the ruins of al-Breij (البريج), the road will ascend a mountain peak to the village of Bashmishli (باشمشلي), also known as Ras al-Hosn (رآس الحصن). The ruins of Bashkuh (باشكوح) are on the outskirts of this modern village. Just beyond Bashmishli (باشمشلي) the road to Harem (حارم) will turn north. At this point, there should be a dirt track leading up the hillside to the west. The main section of ruins are about 500 meters up this hill to the southwest. The trip to Bashmishli (باشمشلي) takes about 45 minutes from Aleppo (حلب).

Transliteration Variants: Bashakuh, Bashkouh, Bashakouh

Rating: 4 / 10

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