Bludan & al-Zabadani بلودان و الزبداني

Bludan & al-Zabadani (بلودان و الزبداني)

Bludan & al-Zabadani (بلودان و الزبداني) are two neighboring towns in the mountains northwest of Damascus (دمشق). Perhaps the most popular local holiday destination for Damascenes, the area is known for its beautiful nature and its mild summer climate. In the summer, the mountains provide an escape from the heat of Damascus (دمشق), while the winter often brings snow.

Most of the homes here are vacation homes, and both towns can feel somewhat deserted outside of holiday periods, but the peace and quiet of the off-season can also be appreciated. The area lacks any notable historic remains, but residents of Damascus (دمشق) are likely to appreciate a visit here regardless. Both towns have numerous cafes, restaurants and hotels, along with various entertainment venues.


Getting There: Fairly frequent microbuses travel between Damascus (دمشق) and Bludan & al-Zabadani (بلودان و الزبداني). They depart from the large bus station at Baramkeh (برامكة) in central Damascus (دمشق. The trip takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on traffic. There is also an irregular train that makes trips to al-Zabadani (الزبداني) during the summer months.

Coordinates: 33°43’32.59″N / 36°07’37.47″E (Bludan)

Coordinates: 33°43’33.15″N / 36°06’15.36″E (al-Zabadani)

Transliteration Variants: Bloudan

Rating: 4 / 10

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