Bosra بصری

Bosra (بصری) is one of Syria’s most incredible historic sites and should be considered a must for any visitor. Perhaps more than any place in Syria, Bosra (بصری) provides major historic monuments from multiple periods of Syria’s history. Fascinating Roman and Byzantine ruins combine with incredible early Islamic architecture to create one of the most unique sites in the world.

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Getting There: Bosra (بصری) is very easy to get to and from, and makes for a good day trip from Damascus (دمشق). Direct buses run from the bus station in Baramkeh (برامكة), near Damascus University (جامعة دمشق) and just northwest of al-Jahad Square (ساحة الجهاد). The buses to Bosra (بصری) depart every 2 hours and the trip takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. Alternatively, microbuses frequently run between the southern city of Daraa (درعا) and Bosra (بصری)Daraa (درعا) has frequent bus connections to Damascus (دمشق).

An amateur archaeologist might want to spend the entire day at Bosra (بصری), but someone with a more casual interest in ruins might consider combining a visit to Bosra (بصری) with Izraa (إزرع) and/or Daraa (درعا). Although relatively near to al-Suweida (السويداء), there is no direct public transportation between Bosra (بصری) and al-Suweida (السويداء), and private transportation would need to be arranged. In summer, very basic accommodation can be arranged at one of the restaurants in the main square.

Coordinates: 32°31’04.12″N / 36°28’54.08″E

Transliteration Variants: Basra, Bosrah, Basrah

Rating: [usr 9.5]

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