Burj Islam برج اسلام

Burj Islam (برج اسلام)

One of the most attractive stretches of Mediterranean coastline in Syria, Burj Islam (برج اسلام) is only a short trip north of Lattakia (اللاذقية). White stone beaches between rocky white cliffs and the turquoise blue sea make Burj Islam (برج اسلام) an extremely picturesque spot. While the sand beaches at Ras al-Basit (رآس البسيط), Wadi Qandil (وادي القنديل), and al-Samra (السمرا) may be better suited for swimming and/or sunbathing, Burj Islam (برج اسلام) is among the most scenic spots along the Syrian coast and well worth a visit. The more adventurous may be tempted to swim to one of the several small islands just offshore.

While this stretch of coastline is largely undeveloped, there are a couple of restaurants located here overlooking the sea. They may be closed outside of the summer months. Additionally, there is a presidential palace located just north of here (which may result in a large security presence) and a small military base. Subsequently, foreigners visiting here may be viewed suspiciously. The village of Burj Islam (برج اسلام) is located a bit inland, is predominantly Sunni Muslim of Turkmen origin.


Getting There: There are fairly frequent microbuses travel to Burj Islam (برج اسلام) from the main microbus station in Lattakia (اللاذقية). The trip takes about 30 minutes. For best stretch of coast, get off the microbus just as it begins to turn away from the coast into the nearby village.

Coordinates: 35°41’7.37″N / 35°47’56.56″E

Transliteration Variants: Berj Islam

Rating: 5 / 10

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