Damascus – al-Darwishiyeh Mosque دمشق – جامع الدرويشية

Damascus - al-Darwishiyeh Mosque (دمشق - جامع الدرويشية)

The modest but attractive al-Darwishiyeh Mosque (جامع الدرويشية) is located just beyond the western edge of the old city of Damascus (دمشق). It was constructed between 1572 and 1575 by the Ottoman governor of Damascus (دمشق), Darwish Pasha, who held the position from 1571 to 1571. His tomb is in a small octagonal domed building on the southern side of the complex, joined to the mosque by an arch. The main entrance to the mosque, with an octagonal minaret above the portal, leads into a small courtyard. The main prayer hall, on the southern end of the courtyard, follows a typical Ottoman domed plan. The mosque is typically open only during prayer times.


Getting There: al-Darwishiyeh Mosque (جامع الدرويشية) is a short walk south of the western entrance of al-Hamidiyeh Market (سوق الحميدية), on the southwestern edge of the old city of Damascus (دمشق) and at the eastern edge of the neighborhood of Qanawat (قنوات).

Coordinates: 33°30’34.00″N / 36°18’02.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Darwishiye Mosque, al-Darwishiyah Mosque, al-Darwishiya Mosque, al-Darweshiyeh Mosque, al-Darweshiye Mosque, al-Darweshiyah Mosque, al-Darweshiya Mosque

Rating: 5 / 10

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