Damascus – al-Shamiyeh Mosque دمشق – جامع الشامية

Damascus - al-Shamiyeh Mosque (دمشق - جامع الشامية)

al-Shamiyeh Mosque (جامع الشامية), often referred to as Madrasa al-Shamiyeh (مدرسة الشامية), is an Ayyubid-era mosque and religious school constructed between 1187 and 1191 northwest of the old city of Damascus (دمشق). The tombs of several prominent figures of the Ayyubid period are located here and in the surrounding area, part of the city that was originally developed by the Ayyubids in the late 12th century (with subsequent development during the Mamluk period).

This mosque was originally the home of Fatima Khatoun (فاطمة خاتون), the sister of Salah al-Din Yousef Bin Ayoub (صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب). She is popularly known as Sit al-Sham (ست الشام), which translates to “the Lady of Damascus”. She earned this respected title through her works of charity and promotion of education and the Islamic faith. She passed away in 1220 and was buried here. Other tombs located in the complex include Shams al-Dawleh Touran Shah (شمس الدولة توران شاه), a brother of Sit al-Sham (ست الشام) and Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين) who died in 1180, Nasr al-Din Mohammed (ناصر الدين شيركوه), the second husband of Sit al-Sham (ست الشام) who died in 1186, and Hossam al-Din Bin Lajein (حسام الدين بن لاجين), a son of Sit al-Sham (ست الشام) who died in 1191 (from her first husband).

Additional tombs surrounding the mosque include al-Turba al-Aalaniyeh (التربة العلانية), burial place of al-Amir Aala al-Din Bin Najm al-Din (الامير علاء الدين بن نجم الدين), a young martyr in the struggle against the Crusaders, and al-Turba al-Najmiyeh (التربة النجمية), the burial place of several prominent figures including:

  • Shahanshah Bin al-Amir Najm al-Din Ayoub (شاهنشاه بن الأمير نجم الدين أيوب), a brother of Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين).
  • al-Malik Hassan Ibn Salah al-Din (الملك حسن ابن صلاح الدين), a son of Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين).
  • al-Sit al-Aathraa (الست العذراء), a sister of Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين).
  • Fatah al-Din Ibn Assad al-Din Shirkoua (فتح الدين ابن اسد الدين شيركوه), a cousin of Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين).
  • Taj al-Malouk Bouri Ibn Ayoub (تاج الملوك بوري ابن ايوب), the youngest brother of Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين).
  • Taqi al-Din Omar (تقي الدين عمر), a nephew of Salah al-Din (صلاح الدين).

al-Shamiyeh Mosque (جامع الشامية) is open during regular prayer times, as are the surrounding gardens where al-Turba al-Aalaniyeh (التربة العلانية) and al-Turba al-Najmiyeh (التربة النجمية) are located.


Getting There: al-Shamiyeh Mosque (جامع الشامية) is prominently located on the corner of two major streets, Shakri al-Quwatli (شكري القوتلي) and Sharaa al-Thawreh (شارع الثورة) approximately two hundred meters northwest of the old city of Damascus (دمشق) and an equal distance northeast of al-Marjeh Square (ساحة المرجة). It is about a five minute walk north of the western entrance of al-Hamidiyeh Market (سوق الحميدية).

Coordinates: 33°30’55.00″N / 36°17’59.00″E

Transliteration Variants: al-Shamiye Mosque, al-Shamiyah Mosque, al-Shamiya Mosque

Rating: 3.5 / 10

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