Damascus – Madrasa Selimiyeh دمشق – مدرسة سليمية

Damascus - Madrasa Selimiyeh (دمشق - مدرسة سليمية)

Madrasa Selimiyeh (مدرسة سليمية) is religious school from the Ottoman period that is attached to the larger al-Tekiyeh al-Suleimaniyeh Mosque (جامع التكية السليمانية) complex. It was built during the reign of Sultan Selim II (سليم ثانى), who ruled from 1566-1574 after succeeding Sultan Suleiman I. The complex is constructed around a large courtyard with a central fountain. On the southern end is the small prayer hall with a single dome. Surrounding the courtyard on the other three sides are arcaded rooms that once accommodated religious students. Alternating bands of black and white stone are used throughout.

The religious school was designed by local architects and did not involve Sinan, the Ottoman architect of the neighboring mosque that was constructed a decade earlier. Nonetheless, the buildings are harmonious with and complementary of one another. Today, the complex has become an extension of the neighboring handicrafts market and houses several souvenir shops, though the prayer hall is still used for its original purpose. The religious school is open during the regular business hours of the handicrafts market.


Getting There: Madrasa Selimiyeh (مدرسة سليمية) is attached to the larger al-Tekiyeh al-Suleimaniyeh Mosque (جامع التكية السليمانية) complex. It is located near the center of Damascus (دمشق) on the main boulevard of Shakri al-Quwatli (شكري القوتلي). It is directly to the east of the National Museum (المتحف الوطني) and across the boulevard from the imposing Four Seasons hotel, one of the largest buildings in the city.

Coordinates: 33°30’45.00″N / 36°17’32.00″E

Transliteration Variants: Madrasa Salimiye, Madrasa Salimiyeh, Madrasa Salimiya, Madrasa Salimiyah, Madrasa Selimiye, Madrasa Selimiya, Madrasa Selimiyah, Madrasa Selemiye, Madrasa Selemiyeh, Madrasa Selemiya, Madrasa Selemiyah, Madrasa Salemiye, Madrasa Salemiyeh, Madrasa Salemiya, Madrasa Salemiyah

Rating: 4 / 10

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