Damascus – National Museum دمشق – المتحف الوطني

Damascus - National Museum (دمشق - المتحف الوطني)

The largest and most important museum in the country, the National Museum (المتحف الوطني) in Damascus (دمشق) is a must on the itinerary of any visitor to Syria. To truly appreciate the incredible collection here, a visit of several hours and a knowledgable guide (or quality guidebook) is recommended. The museum includes collections from prehistoric sites such as Tel Abu Hureyra (تل أبو هريرة‎), ancient sites such as Tel Mardikh/Ebla (تل مرديخ/ايبلا), Ras Shamra/Ugarit (رآس شمرا/آوغاريت) and Tel al-Hariri/Mari (تل الحريري/ماري), classical Roman and Byzantine sites, and the later Arab/Islamic sites.

The entryway of the museum is a reconstruction of the gateway to Qasr al-Heir al-Gharbi (قصر الحير الغربي), an Umayyad-era palace in the desert southeast of Homs (حمص) of which little else remains. Photography is not permitted inside the museum, but it is allowed in the gardens which are full of statuary and mosaics from the Roman, Byzantine and Arab periods. There is also a small cafe for refreshments.


Getting There: The National Museum (المتحف الوطني) is located near the center of Damascus (دمشق) on the main boulevard of Shakri al-Quwatli (شكري القوتلي). It is directly to the west of al-Tekiyeh al-Suleimaniyeh Mosque (جامع التكية السليمانية) and across the boulevard from the imposing Four Seasons hotel, one of the largest buildings in the city.

Coordinates: 33°30’46.00″N / 36°17’24.00″E

Transliteration Variants: None

Rating: 10 / 10

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