Damascus – Tankiz Mosque دمشق – جامع تنكز

Damascus - Tankiz Mosque (دمشق - جامع تنكز‎)

Tankiz Mosque (جامع تنكز‎), located to the west of the old city of Damascus (دمشق), has a magnificent minaret that is one of the finer examples of Mamluk architecture in Damascus (دمشق). The building was constructed in 1317-1318 by the Mamluk governor of Damascus (دمشق), Tankiz (تنكز), who ruled from 1312-1340. Previously, this site had been the location of the Church of St. Nicholas.

The mosque was used as a military school during the Ottoman period under the rule of Ibrahim Pasha, and suffered further damage in a 1945 fire. Later reconstructions were not consistent with the original design. As a result, little survives of the original structure aside from two entrance gateways and the minaret. The mosque is open during regular prayer times, but the interior is of modern construction. The minaret is best appreciated from the corner to the northeast of the building.


Getting There: Tankiz Mosque (جامع تنكز‎) is located approximately four blocks to the west of the main entrance of al-Hamidiyeh Market (سوق الحميدية‎), on the northern side of the street. The original minaret is best viewed from opposite side of the mosque.

Coordinates: 33°30’43.00″N / 36°17’51.00″E

Transliteration Variants: Tankez Mosque, Tenkiz Mosque, Tenkez Mosque, Tangiz Mosque, Tangez Mosque, Tengiz Mosque, Tengez Mosque,

Rating: 3 / 10

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