Deir Seita دير سيتا

Deir Seita (دير سيتا)

Deir Seita (دير سيتا) is Byzantine-era site in the remote southern portion of Jebel Barisha (جبل باريشا). The ruins are spread around a modern village and are in a generally poor state of preservation. Remains include a small church and a few domestic buildings scattered between olive groves. The countryside scenery is nice, but the archaeological remains are modest and not particularly noteworthy.


Getting There: Getting to Deir Seita (دير سيتا) is a bit of a challenge. Microbuses traveling between Aleppo (حلب) the town of Qurqaniya (قورقنيا) pass by the road that heads south to Deir Seita (دير سيتا), but this still leaves about three kilometers to travel on foot. Unless you have your own transportation, Deir Seita (دير سيتا) is probably not worth the effort required to visit.

Coordinates: 36°06’01.23″N / 36°38’40.67″E

Transliteration Variants: Deir Sita

Rating: 2 / 10

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