Farkiya (فركيا), similar to nearby Meghara (مغارة), is the site of several well preserved Roman tombs located on the northern end of a modern village. The most impressive is a small rock-cut tomb with incredibly rich stone carvings on both the interior and exterior facade. Other tombs at the site were designed with arched canopies over the entryway to the rock-cut burial chambers. Just south of the modern village are scattered Byzantine-era remains that include a ruined church and some small villas. The site is remote and off the beaten path, but worth a visit if time allows. The friendly villagers will likely be happy to show you around the remains.


Getting There: The site is most easily reached from Ariha (آريحا), which has regular public transportation to Aleppo (حلب) as well as other major towns in the area such as Idleb (إدلب) and Maarat al-Naaman (معرة النعمان). From Ariha (آريحا) find a microbus traveling to either the town of Ahsem (احسم) or al-Bara (البارة). Ask to be dropped off in the village of Marayan (مرعيان), which is about two and a half kilometers before Ahsem (احسم). The remaining distance of five kilometers to Farkiya (فركيا) would need to be covered on foot from here, though passing motorists would likely give you a ride. The road to Farkiya (فركيا) heads east from Marayan (مرعيان), passing the site of Meghara (مغارة) after about half that distance. The tombs are located just to the north of the modern village of Farkiya (فركيا), other Byzantine remains to the south.

Coordinates: 35°43’26.84″N / 36°36’02.49″E

Transliteration Variants: Firkiya, Farkia, Firkia

Rating: 4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)

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