Harqaleh هرقلة

Harqaleh (هرقلة)

Harqaleh (هرقلة) is a little known site from the Abbasid period located about seven kilometers west of al-Raqqa (الرقة). Built by Harun al-Rashid to commemorate his victory over Byzantine forces, there is debate as to whether the site served as a palace or as a monument. The site is roughly one hundred meters by one hundred meters square, with towers at each of the four corners. Much of the stone used to build the site was recycled from earlier Byzantine constructions, and it may not have been fully completed. Though in a fairly poor state of preservation, the site can be easily combined with a visit to al-Raqqa (الرقة).


Getting There: Harqaleh (هرقلة) is only about seven kilometers west of al-Raqqa (الرقة) and semi-frequent microbuses serving surrounding villages will pass by the site. It is on the north side of the road, clearly visible.

Coordinates: 35°57’24.11″N / 38°55’59.15″E

Transliteration Variants: Harqala, Harqalah, Haraqaleh, Haraqala, Haraqalah, Herqaleh, Herqala, Herqalah, Heraqaleh, Heraqala, Heraqalah, Harqla, Harqlah, Haraqleh, Haraqla, Haraqlah, Herqleh, Herqla, Herqlah, Heraqleh, Heraqla, Heraqlah

Rating: 3.5 / 10

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