Heit & Hayat هيت و هيات

Heit (هيت)

Heit (هيت) and Hayat (هيات) are two neighboring villages about one kilometer apart in the northern part of the al-Suweida region (ريف السويداء). Both villages have scattered remains from the Roman and Byzantine periods. Heit (هيت), associated with the ancient Eitha, has the remains of multiple houses and a tower. Hayat (هيات) has the remains of a large villa and several smaller houses. While the remains are not as substantial as nearby Shahba (شهبا) or Shaqqa (شقا), they are worth a visit if you are in the area with some spare time.


Getting There: Infrequent public transportation connects the villages of Heit (هيت) and Hayat (هيات) to Shahba (شهبا). Alternatively, walking to the villages from the town of Shaqqa (شقا) takes about forty-five minutes to Heit (هيت) and another fifteen minutes to Hayat (هيات). Private transportation could also be hired in either Shaqqa (شقا) or Shahba (شهبا).

Coordinates: 32°55’28.93″N / 36°40’19.78″E (Heit)

Coordinates: 32°56’20.03″N / 36°39’32.17″E (Hayat)

Transliteration Variants: Heet, Hit, Heyt, Hyat, Hayyat

Rating: 3 / 10

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